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Echo Wu was born in Nanjing China, a city famous of its cultural atmosphere. She grew up in an artistic family and her father's association with famous Chinese painting and calligraphy master in China created an environment for Echo to fall in love with Chinese painting at young age.

Echo studied Chinese brush painting, major in Flower and Birds style, in the Fine Art department of Nanjing Normal University. She is the student of professor Lu Yuezi, a famous Chinese painting artist and educator. In year 2013, She won the Gold Prize for "Golden Bauhinia Cup HongKong Invitation Competition for Chinese Painting and Calligraphy" out of around 3000 applications across China and overseas.

Over the years, Echo has taught in Wheeler’s Hill, Ashburton, Glen Waverley and Boxhill. With more than a decade of teaching experience, she is known for her generosity. “Her charisma and joyous approach to art generally, and teaching in particular, fills the room and inspires her large group of loyal students. Her technical skills are without par and she is able to clearly and methodically unfold the painting process at a pace which matches the skill level of the student. “ said one of her students.

Her paintings are collected privately and by councils.

珣出生于南京,艺术文化之都。她成长在充满艺术氛围的家庭里。父亲同当代中国国画和书法大师的交流和友情, 让她从小就对国画艺术产生了浓厚兴趣。

珣求学于南京师范大学,专攻写意花鸟画。她的启蒙老师是南京师范大学美术系的陆越子教授, 当代中国著名的写意花鸟画家。2013年,在接近3000份来自全中国和海外的投稿中,珣夺得了"金紫荆杯"- 爱我中华,爱国书画名家香港交流展大型邀请赛金奖。

珣在星加坡和澳洲有多年的国画教学经验。现任教于多所社区中心 Wheelers Hill 画室及位于Caulfield Gramma Wheelers Hill Campus的亚洲文化学校.


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Chinese Painting Courses

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Children's Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Class

Saturday afternoon 4:30pm - 6pm, school term

Chinese Calligraphy Class

Thursday afternoon 1:00pm - 2:30pm, school term

Community Courses

  • Ashburton Wednesday 10am - 12noon School Term

Weekly courses at Wheelers Hill Studio

Date : Tuesday 10am-12noon, 12:30pm-2:30pm, Wednesday 1pm-3pm, Thursday10am - 12noon, Thursday Evening6:30pm - 8:30pm, Saturday 10am-12noon, 1:30pm-3:30pm

Duration : 2 hours per session per week.

Cost : $22 per session

This course is for those who are more serious about learning Chinese brush painting step by step and to improve their skills continuously.

In order to build a good foundation, Chinese calligraphy will be taught in the class for the student to better understand the techniques of executing lines. Chinese brush painting and Chinese calligraphy are closed related because Chinese painting so emphasizes on the executing of the lines by brush stroke.

A wide Chinese painting topics are covered. Every lesson will start with a demonstration of the object that the students are learning, followed by students own practise. The students are encouraged to do the homework, and each work will be commented and corrected in the following lesson.

Upcoming Exhibition

Solo exhibition at Box Hill Town Hall, Art Space


The First Australian Art Exhibition Ink & Wash Painting, Calligraphy

Camberwell Art Show 2016

Paintings sold at the show

Hawthorn Town Hall Gallery 2016 - exhibition with Ashburton students

Camberwell Art Show 2015

Paintings sold at the show

Wind of Change - A new Direction in Chinese Painting

Art space, Box Hill Town Hall 2014

Paintings sold at the exhibition

Echo and students exhibition at Caulfield Gramma Memorial Hall 2014

Students exhibition at Ashburton 2014

2014 Mount View Art Show

Echo and Mount Street Neighbourhood House Students exhibition

The highway gallery 2010-2014

2013 Echo and Students Exhibitions

Art space, Box Hill Town Hall 2013

Glen Waverley Library 2013

Box Hill Community Arts Centre 2012-2014

Chinese New Year exhibition 2011

The Highway Gallery, Mount Waverley


2016 - Ringwood Artist Society demonstration

2016 - Children's workshop at Monash libraries

2015 - Children's workshop at Clayton library

2014 - Malvern Artist Group demonstration

2013 - Glen Waverley library demonstration

2013 - Box Hill library demonstration

2013 - Oakleigh Music Festival

Clayton library demonstration 2014

Hugesdale Artist group demonstration 2013

2014 - Blue lotus garden live painting

2013 Rhododendron garden live painting

2012/2011 - Blue lotus garden live painting


"Now that I am in my late 50s I can look back on over 30 years of studying Chinese painting and calligraphy, and under a variety of masters in a variety of countries. Of these, Sifu Echo Wu is by far the most generous, informative, skilled, inspirational and good-humoured teacher I have had the privilege of studying under. Her charisma and joyous approach to art generally, and teaching in particular, fills the room and inspires her large group of loyal students. Her technical skills are without par and she is able to clearly and methodically unfold the painting process at a pace which matches the skill level of the student. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned artist, I cannot commend Echo highly enough!" --- Robert Di Nicolantonio

"Echo is an accomplished artist who is able to both teach and inspire us, her students, to produce at least one painting every week. She has a well organised, structured program with the right level of challenge for each person. She breaks down the process of Chinese Painting to suit everyone. Her enthusiasm is infectious and I really enjoy being in her class. It is the highlight of my week." --- Ursula Povey

"What a wonderful teacher! Echo's classes are inspirational. She is able to captivate us with her amazing talent, teaching skills and positive encouragement. With broad strokes she reveals the exquisite nature of Chinese painting, it's symbolism, it's power and the joy and reward it brings to the student. My world is richer for the experience. --- Diana Ponnusamy "

"I have been in Echo's class for two years. It is a very happy class and we all admire Echo's professionalism, passion and especially her patience and enthusiasm if we struggle with a topic. I enjoy learning about Chinese brush painting and I enjoy the friendship of the teacher and students." --- Vicki Jones-Evans

"After visiting China several years ago, I put TRY CHINESE PAINTING on my retirement bucket list. Now, after more than 2 years with Echo, I believe I've not only TRIED Chinese Brush Painting but have TAKEN to it! As a beginner without any previous painting experience, I have found this form of painting on rice paper relaxing, intriguing, frustrating and engrossing but always interesting. Echo has been there every step of the way, encouraging, cajoling, supporting and suggesting improvements in my growing skills. I am in awe of her abilities as a painter and feel inspired when I watch her demonstrate her craft. I am honoured to be one of her students." --- Jan Capomolla

"I have been going to Echo's painting classes for two years now, and I love it. It is a great way to meet new people and have fun at the same time. Echo is truely talented and it is an honour to learn from the best." --- Le Giang

"Being accustomed to watercolour painting for many years it was with slight trepidation that I enrolled in your Chinese Brush Painting class in February 2011. However the experience exceeded my expectations. I learnt a lot about the principals and techniques of Chinese Brush painting and the disciplines required in using and handling the various brushes and colours when painting on Rice paper. You were a wonderful teacher who was able to bring out the best from each of the students. You showed genuine interest in our work which was both challenging and fun" --- Darrell Lieversz

"I always look forward to my classes with Echo. She is a wonderful painting teacher, always so positive and enthusiastic. Not only does she make her classes fun and interesting, she also provides constructive feedback on how to improve my work.Thanks Echo!" --- Min Hah

"I discovered Chinese brushes in a painting class and fell in love with it. But there was no teacher to show you the art. When I saw Echo's ad, I enrolled straight away and I have never regretted it. She shows lot of enthusiasm, encouragement and deep knowledge of the subject, It is a joy to be in her class." --- Dagmar Reuther

"Firstly, your classes are excellent regarding the individual attention and encouragement you have given me in the classes I have attended. Secondly, your demonstrations reflect your mastery of the particular styles and subjects you teach. Your own work inspires - Your own individual style still incorporates traditional Chinese values, as in those beautiful crane paintings: yin and yang in harmony!" --- Anne Nicholls

"I find Chinese brush painting challenging but satisfying when I succeed in executing a perfect brush stroke. Echo is a skilled teacher with a sense of humour and I find her class very enjoyable and fullfilling." --- Kit Hoh

"Through her deft brushworks and clear explanation, Echo is able to communicate the beauty and intricacies of Chinese brush painting in simple ways. In the many years I have attended her classes, I found Echo to be patient and encouraging in her approach, making sure that no one is left behind in terms of understanding and techniques. I really enjoyed her classes." --- Mee Har

"I am hooked! Learning Chinese painting under Echo′s expert tutelage these past two years has been a wonderful experience. It is truly a joy to watch Echo′s deft and decisive execution of ink; her dancing brush swirling and dipping across the paper. I am really enjoying the classes and the camaraderie within the group is fantastic. Echo is friendly, approachable and patient, making the lessons seem easy. Classes are well-planned and cover many topics. We are also learning some Chinese characters along the way. Each lesson, she builds on our knowledge of brush strokes, utilising different subjects to illustrate each. As she demonstrates the loading of inks and the subsequent application, she takes time to articulate each technique as she goes. I will continue to recommend this Chinese painting class to my friends. " --- Min Kha

"I have great passion in learning Chinese brush painting, and feel so lucky to find Echo as my teacher. She is such an expert and great artist in this style of painting. She is so patient in teaching and can always come up with simple ways to create beautiful paintings. I have learned so much from her and look forward to the class every time! Even people without any previous training in Chinese painting can easily start learning it and be satisfied with the result. I highly recommend Echo's painting class! " --- Carol Deng

"I have been learning Chinese Calligraphy and Painting with Echo for about 1.5 years. I have found her to be an enthusiastic and passionate teacher. She is always patient with her students and never cease to provide valuable individual feedbacks on their paintings. Echo also encourages us to study the subject that we are painting. As a result, learning Chinese painting has taught me to appreciate the beauty of nature. I have become more aware of my surroundings. I have learnt to stop and admire the flowers and plants that I have painted. This has brought more colour and joy into my life. Echo is a remarkable teacher and a more remarkable artist." -- Shon SIAU

"If you are looking for a great Chinese painting class, in a small, friendly group, with a sensational teacher, then this is the class for you.I have not been painting for long, but my paintings have improved greatly in a short space of time, with this wonderful teacher and class. Always informative, always fun, sign up now!" -- Helene Johns

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